Funny Just Hanging Around Chimp

Sitting on a Rope Chimp. Its a chimp's life. I think he might actually be sitting on the tree branch with his leg's hanging on the rope. Its an easy life sometimes.

Cool Cats Air Conditioner Climb

Cool Cat. Cats love to climb. So put an air conditioner on the wall and this is what could happen. Doesnt look too comfortable though.

Udder Pics Pig Wants Cows Milk

Pig Drinking Cows Udder. Its not a piglet, its a grown pig. But old habits die hard. And why not have a drink of milk from the cow?

Cat Stuck in Venetian Blinds

Cat In Window. Im not sure that this ginger cat is actually stuck in the blinds. Bit it has done everything it could to get a look out of the window. Too bad for the blinds, they arent looking terribly healthy!

Funny Birds Budgie Wants a Drink

Tea Drinking Budgie. I didnt know that budgies liked to drink tea! I suppose when you are thirsty anything will do.

Badly Parked Car Dog Wait

dog tied to badly parked car Who would park their car this way? And who would tie up their dog to the bumper? Weird.