Computer Dog

He is just a very hard working dog - even takes his laptop to bed. Good dog.

Funny and Cute Hamster

I really love this photo - its one of my absolute favorites. Look at this little hamster's ears, and his little paws, and then his really emotive eyes. Awww. I want one of these too.

Dog Hugging Kitten

He was doing what to the cat? This looks terribly bad doesnt it? I think this dog and cat are very good friends. Seriously good friends...

Little Kitten

What a gorgeous little kitten. But there isnt much of him!

Sorry Doggy

This puppy is looking very sorry for something. Im not sure what he has done wrong, but surely his crime couldnt have been that bad? Poor doggy, i forgive you.

Bears in the Playground

Im not so sure you should send your kids to this playground. The Bears are in residence. I can just imagine the fun these playing bears are having - what a discovery!

Pig, Bunny, Kitten, Duck & Chick

What else can you say about this, but thats its terribly cute. Can you imagine keeping a pig, duck, kitten, bunny and chick still for this photo? Thats one tough job.

Crazy Monkey

I dont know what this little monkey or orangutan is called. But im going to name him ralph and see if he is available for adoption.

Dog Cleaning Kitten

Its always good to see these guys getting along. Looks like little doggy has taken a motherly shine to little kitty.

Doggy Needs a Wig

Some dogs are just so self conscious about balding. When you have hair loss, a toupe or wig is what you need. Its no different for dogs.

Drinking Pandas

Every Panda needs to drink once in a while.

Shake my Hand Froggy

You can train a frog to do anything.

Quicksand Cat

Poor little cat, sinking in the kitty litter. Im thinking maybe this photo was set up.

Dog Looking after the Cat

I dont think this dog is doing to the cat what it looks like. Least i think not, i think they are just friends.

Cats Watching Fish

These cats have worked as a team, but they aint getting any closer. How do we say, so close, yet so far. Or then again, close but no cigar.

Funny Little Fighting Bears

This is a classic shot - little bears. Before they get so grizzly and angry.

Note: this image is by professional photographer, Ron Niebrugge. To purchase this photo, or to see some of his other great shots, please visit,

Funny Ass Photo

I know, it's not hat you were thinking. I could have called it a funny horse photo, or a funny donkey photo.

Darth Dog Vader

The dark side of dogs. He doesnt look very happy about being dressed up as darth vader. Im thinking he wanted to be Luke. But, he is a funny looking dog!

Orangutan Cutie

This guy makes me want to head off to the zoo. Awww.

Curious Cat and Dog

This dog and cat are working out if they can be friends. Im guessing no.

Damn cute little fella

This is one damn cute lil fella. Dont ask me what he is, but i want one.

Kittie's Lime Helmet

I wonder if this kitten really wanted a lime helmet. Hmm, he doesnt look so happy.

Praying Dog

Seriously, how cute is this photo. Its one of my favorites. Awww, doggies are so cute.

Another Fat Cat

Its just another funny fat cat. Im not going to say anything more about this one.

One Gutsy Mouse

Its always nice when natural enemies become friends. Its one gutsy mouse.

And Super Hamster

Wow, that is one strong hamster.

Super Dog

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

Wow, they are some long legs on this dog.

Guard of Honor

Im guessing that this cat is royalty. Such patience from the dogs.

Praying Cat

Praying Cat - i wonder what he wants? I think a mouse.

Star Wars Squirrels

May the Force be with them.

Best of Friends

Its always nice to see dogs and cats getting along. I wonder what happens when they wake up?

Time for a Sleep

We all need to sleep sometime. I think this one is sleeping like a log.

Unhungry Hippos

Is unhungry a word? Well they look happy and content, and not hungry at all.

Safety for Humans?

Good advice. Hold on what are they saying? Us humans arent good food? I object!

Monkey in Glasses

Im sticking with the monkey theme, only because i think i know this guy. Come on, you know who you are.

Surprised Monkey

This monkey guy looks just a little surprised. Nice jumper by the way, im sure he gets compliments.

Funny and Cute Monkey

I just love this lil fella - monkeys are so funny and cute.

Cool Cop Dog

This is one cool cop dog. Dont mess with him.

One Fat Cat

That is one seriously fat cat. What on earth did they feed it?

The Hanging Dogs

Poor little doggies. Are they being hung out to dry?