Pussy Cat and Rat Friends in Cage

funny animal photos rat and cat friends in cage odd
Ok, ive seen a cat playing fetch with a stick - and now it looks as if cats and rats can be friends. I think maybe it works that way in some movies - but i didnt think it would in real life. Cats and Rats, I'll be damned.

Photo of Cat Playing Fetch in Water

funny cat photos playing fetch with stick and swimming Fetch the stick rover, fetch it. Oh, you're a cat. I didnt think cats played fetch. But they are smart, so maybe you can teach them. There you go, you learn something new every days. Funny.

What to Do With Your Old Car

funny animals use for your old car kennelTurn it into a kennel of course! Just cut out a hole in the trunk and you are set.

The Business Dog Retriever

funny business suit retriever dog Even some dogs have to work for a living. They need to eat too. Its just some retrievers work in professional jobs. Its not all fetching a stick you know.

Birthday Party For Turtles

funny turtles birthday photo Or should that be Four Turtles Birthday Party? Do you think turtles appreciate being dressed up in hats? I hope they get some birthday cake.

Beware of the Dog Postman

dog attacking postman funny No, thats not a real dog - but i thought this cute enough to include. I wonder what the real postman thinks about the post box?

Beaver on a Racetrack

beaver with forumal 1 car funny I think its a beaver. Is it trying to race a formula 1 car. Have to go faster than that little guy.

Balancing Police Alsatian Dog

balancing clever police dog Im not sure what policing value a dog has from the back of its handler. Nice trick though.

Blue and Yellow Eyes Cat

yellow and blue eyes cat photo Im guessing this is real. But then again, i dont recall ever seeing a cat with blue eyes. Must be incredibly rare!

Smoking Drinking Sleeping Dog

funny dog smoking sleeping and drinking photo Ahh, its a dogs life. Im not sure that dogs should drink - or smoke for that matter. But sleeping, thats ok.

Sherlock Holmes Hound Dog

hound dog dressed as sherlock holmes photoYes, ok - but where is Sherlock Holmes' pipe? Maybe he ate it.

Curious Bulldog Photo

playing dress ups with animals photo of bulldog Ok, this is pretty cruel. Im not sure what else i can say about this photo except - disturbing.

The Peacock Dog

funny photos peacock dog dress ups Or maybe its supposed to be an indian dog?

Howdy Sheriff Dog

funny dress ups dog as a sheriff photo Careful, this dog might draw his guns on you. He looks poised for a shootout.

Funny Human Dog

funny dog dressed as person pictureIm a little curious why they couldnt get a sweater to fit this dog? Mayb he or she likes to expose their dog belly?

Doggy I Am - Yoda

funny looking dog photo yoda pic star wars What a great yoda costume. Halloween perhaps? Or just dressed him up for fun?

Sunflower Dog

really cute sunflower dog photoIm not sure about this one - what sort of complex would this give a dog - walking around as a flower?

Rocky Balboa Pug Dog

funny rocky looking pug dog photo
Well, he does look a bit like Rocky doesnt he? One tough dog.

Arghh The Pirate Dog

funny animals pirate dog photo Shiver me timbers - its a pirate's life for me. Seems a happy pirate dog though.

One Ugly Biker Dog

really funny ugly pics biker dog tongue hanging
He looks damn mean - then again, maybe she looks damn mean, i say she cos of the love hearts chain around her neck. Looks like a biker dog.

Willy Wonka Dog

really funny animals willy wonka oompa loompa dog photo Oompa Loompa! Wow - love the outstretched arms. Classic.

The Mohawk Licking Dog Photo

funny mohawk photos dog licking weird Green eyes, long tongue, funny shaped nose, and mohawk hair. Id say this dog is making a statement.

The Mexican Dog

funny dogs mexican dressed up pics Actually, im almost sure that this isnt a breed of mexican dog, just a dog dressed up to look a like a mexican. Fair enough too.

Funny Hunting Dog

funny animals retriever with a gun photo Would you trust your dog with a gun. At least he has the safety hat and vest. Lets hope he doesnt have bullets.

Halloween Knife Hound Dog

funny animl pics halloween  dog knife hound headYep, its the bloodshot eyes and the droopy sad face that makes this photo so perfect. he does look like he has a knife in his head.

Funny Giraffe and Kid

I think the giraffe is just wanting to say hello. Tongue and all! Crazy.

Hang On Little Froggy

This little frog must have some strength. To hang on to the flower with just one hand. Nice that his little eye has taken the time to look at the camera. Real Photo? Dont know, but its clever.

Fairy Dog Dress Up

Im hoping to god that this dog is a girl. Otherwise thats mean. Not that theres anything wrong with dressing up as a fairy, but it should be his choice. And really, a dog cant dress itself you know.

Batman Dog

Dont mess with him - this batman looks mean.

Dog Kissing Ass

Or is he licking? Either way, they look like friends. Cute

Long Tongue Tiger Dog

Im not saying this dog is a tiger, but gee, his facial features certianly look like he has tiger in him. Im not sure how that works. Something tells me it may have been photoshopped.

Anyways, he has a long tongue.

Sleeping Bubble Dog

When he wakes up and sees this photo, this dog is going to be terribly embarrassed. Poor thing.

Crazy Old Dog

Hes not really crazy. He just looks that way. But he doesnt have any fur on his body - just his head.

Funny Cooking Dog

And you thought dogs couldnt cook. Heres the proof. Cooking up a storm.