Funny Flying Fish & Bird

funny animal pictures great photo of sea bird about to eat flying fish Looks like the flying fish is about to be swallowed up by the clever flying sea bird....Poor fish. Great photo.

Hot Baby Koala Takes Bath in Australian Heatwave

This Baby Koala in Australia was so hot last week that it ventured to a house near Geelong in Victoria to take shelter. Given a bucket to have a drink, the Koala promptly took a sip, then decided a bath was just as good an option. Always good to have a bath to cool down. But doesnt he look relaxed?

Apparently the mother of the baby Koala was very sick and left the child behind. There was a massive heatwave in Victoria, Australia last week, just as there was incredible cold and snow on the other side of the world in London. The young baby Koala is now being cared for by animal welfare. How cute are these photos?

baby koala photo in australia suffering heat exhaustion takes a drink
cute baby koala photo tests the temperature of the cool water in bucket before taking a bath to escape the heat picture
young baby koala cute photo hops into bucket for a nice cool bath to escape heat
funny australian animal photos baby koala relaxes in cool bath in bucket of water to escape the hot weather heatwave in geelong victoria picture

Funny Cat Stuck In Computer Pic

funny animal photos cat stuck inside a computer maybe looking for mouseHow on earth did this cat get stuck in the computer? I dont think he is going to get out of such a small hole. Time to open the machine up im afraid...unless the other entrance is open.

Funny Mini Bike Dog Rider

funny animal photos dog riding a motorbike holding on to driver I still cant work out how some dogs like this one on a realy mini small bike are able to balance. Hold on the the driver!