Flip Flop Sleeping Dog

Seemed like a nice place for this dog to rest his head...in the master's shoes. I think he got tired doing his job, poor thing.

Panda Bears and Boxes

Just playing pandas at the zoo. This is when they are no sleeping of course. Or maybe they are?

Snowball Throwing Cat

I cant see the snowball, but im assuming he has thrown it at the person taking this photo. Ahh, cats too like to have fun in the snow. What else is winter for?

Cigarette Smoking Bird

The sad part about this is that the cigarette appears to be lit. It looks like the bird is blowing smoke rings. Clever bird, but smoking is a nasty nasty habit.

Yellow Ducks and Kitten Photo

Yeah, ive got two yellow babes! Think this little kitten is proud of himself here, showing off his two new duckling friends. Hey, you would show them off two, who wouldnt want two cuties like that?

Kissing Cat Photo

Sniffing cats or kissing cats. I think kissing. Its so much cuter.

Flying Kitty Cat Photo

Is this kitten or cat flying, has it jumped, or has it been thrown? I note that there is a little kid on the sofa. I dont trust him. He looks shifty. Poor kitty.

Thats a Fat Dog

This has had his fair share of good meals in his life i think. Done a lot of begging by the dinner table too. He looks content.

Cat Drinking From a Straw

This must be a really hard trick to teach a cat. It seems to have learned how to suck from a straw. Clever cat.

Funny Dog Sitting on Cat

The weird thing here is that the cat doesnt seem too disturbed that she has a dog sitting on her head or neck. Just part of the daily routine for a cat i suppose.

Dog Eats Frightened Cat

Is this dog really eating the petrified cat? Hard to tell. The dog does look like a retriever, so maybe he is just taking the cat home. Fetch Roger, fetch the cat. Good dog. That is one scared look though.

And Now Some Dog Friends

Good to follow a dog fight with a dog friends photo. This black dog and white dog look so happy together as they survey their territory. Perhaps looking for cats, or maybe just watching the world go by. Poed shot do you think? Id like to think its all genuine.

Dog Fight on the Beach

Im trying to work out if this is a fight, or if they are playing and the lighter colored dog is barking at the person taking the photo. Hmm. Leave us alone i think he is saying,

Cuddling Cute Baby Orangutans

So Cute. I say that a lot. But just look at these little orangutan babies. They are such great friends already.

Funny Curious Goat Photo

I really do like goats, so cheeky but so friendly. And always inquisitive. Never turn your back on them, they could do anything. This little guy just loves the camera.

A Golf Playing Chimp

Yep, you can teach a chimp to do almost anything, in this case to play golf. I just love his T Shirt - 19th hole. All class.

Cat and Mouse Share Cupcakes

Always nice when cats and mice can be friends. Maybe this one is a kitten and hasnt yet worked out that a mouse is a natural enemy. Or maybe theyare just too distracted by the cupcakes. Enjoy.

Hair Food for Camel

Hair must be a regular part of a camel's diet. I dont think this woman looks so happy to be the camel's daily meal. I wouldnt be either. Dont stand so close next time.

Monkey Riding Dog

Gives a whole new meaning to the word rodeo doesnt it? A monkey jockey? Hard to believe. But true.

Cats Drinking Cows Milk

I think the cats should milk the cows themselves. Cute though.

Kitty Lives in a Shoe

Does he really live in a shoe? I think it must be comfortable for the little cat.

One Really Big Rabbit

What did they feed this rabbit? Or is it a hare? I cant tell. Either way, it is massive.

Funny Cat Sleeping With Doll

What a stretched cat. Im glad he/she has a doll. Every cat should have a doll as a friend.

Rats and Milk Photo

Wow, is this a rat farm? I hope this is not milk for general consumption. Why is the child allowed to play with the rats?

Funny Mouse Riding Toad

Riding a toad is this little mouse's path to safety.

Funny Hungry Hungry Hippos

funny hungry hippo photo wide mouth Feed me Hippos. They need food. I hope the boy doesnt get too close - looks like he might fall in.

Freaky Cat

Im naming this cat Bibi.