Two Cute Giraffes Photo

photo of two cute giraffes cuddling Maybe this is mother and child giraffe. Or maybe they are giraffes in love. Its a cute photo either way.

Funny Shaved Tabby Cat Photo

funny photo of shaved cat with evil eyes just cruelYes, you would be right in thinking that this shaved tabby cat isnt happy. You wouldnt be happy either. Thats just cruel. Leaving this little puddy tat with just fur on his head and paws. Oh, and a little fluff on his tail! Im sure he is planning his revenge. Look at those eyes!

Angel Kitten Christmas Tree

funny photo of christmas tree angel kittenSome people always say that their kittens are little angels. This photo of the kitten on top of the Christmas tree seems to confirm it. Dont worry, i dont think they are angels, most kittens are just a little crazy.

Cats in a Box Photo

funny cats heads in a box posing for photo How cute are these cats in a box? Posing just nicely for this photo.

Koala Waits for a Drink from Rider

funny cute koala photo waiting for a drink of water from bike rider So the Koala actually approached the bike rider for a drink! Thats cute and funny. He must have been very thirsty, they arent usually tame animals.

Hot Koala Takes a Drink from Rider

cute koala photo takes a drink from bike rider water bottle Yes, when a koala is hot and thirsty it will take a drink from anyone. Full credit to the cyclist for stopping to offer the koala a drink. It certainly was a hot summer in Australia.

Cute Cat Pats a Dog Photo

cute cat pats dog photoGood puppy dog. Needs a pat from the cat. I think they are friends.

Doggy Toilet Bowl Drink

funny black dog photo drinking from toilet bowlThis reminds me of that great line in Uncle Buck where he says that he just left the toilet lid up to let the dog have a drink. That explained the blue tinge on the front lawn. Well, when a dog needs a drink...