Pilgrim and Indian Cat & Dog Photo

funny dog and cat photos dressed up as indian and pilgrim friends at last Nice to see the pilgrims and the indians getting along. Oh yeah, and the dog and the cat. Great costumes.

Funny Cat Hugging Mouse

funny picture of cute sleeping tabby cat hugging mouse from computer photo Aww, cute sleeping tabby cat hugging a mouse. Well, not a live mouse. A computer kind. Better this way.

Hugging Cute Panda Bear Photo

funny young cute panda bear hugging keepers ar with gorgeous beautiful eyes picture This Panda Bear seems to be hugging for dear life to this person's arm. Those eyes are just gorgeous! Too cute.

Cutest Picture of Alsatian & Kitten

really cute picture of german shepherd dog licking tiny kitten photo like a mother Yes, this surely has to be one of the cutest animal photos i have seen. A german shepherd or alsatin dog licking a tiny little black kitten. Just gorgeous.

Tiny Rhino Baby and Mother

funny animal pictures tiny rhhino baby and mother at the zoo photo Aww, cute little rhino baby and mother at the zoo. Looks so gentle when it is young. Dont mess with a rhino when it grows up, they can get nasty and angry.

Scavenger Hungry Cats Fishing

funny cat photos eleven cats sitting on jetty with fisherman waiting for baot or little fish to eat I count eleven cats here waiting on the every move of this fisherman. Maybe he gives them his waste bait, or perhaps the little fish he catches. God, they are almost as bad a seagulls! But at least they are smart cats, they know where to get their meals.

Cute Photo Young & Old Chimps

really cute photo of baby chimp with older chimp This is a really cute photo wouldnt you say? Two chimps, one old, one young baby. I wonder if that it the mother?

Santas Little Cat Helper

santas little helper picture of cat in christmas costume hat but looking lazyIm not sure how much help this cat is to Santa, looks pretty content and lazy. Nice hat though.

Playing Polar Bears Photo

cute picture of two polar bears playing mother and young How cute are these two polar bears? Mother and baby can have a lot of fun together.

Funny Sleeping Tabby Cat

funny cat pictures tabby cat sleeping in strange position Ive seen some strange sleeping positions from cats before, but this tabby cat's choice is up there with the best. Cant be comfortable! That is funny.

Funny Underwater Hippo Push

funny hippo picture of mother giving child a push underwater photo Looks like Mom Hippo is giving the little hippo a bit of a push to get back to the surface. Maybe he cant swim yet...Cute photo.

Penguins Go to the Zoo Joke

A man drives to a gas station and has his tank filled up. The gas attendant spots two penguins sitting in the back seat of the car.

He asks the driver, "What's up with the penguins in the back seat?"

The man in the car says "I found them. I asked myself what to do with them, but I haven't had a clue."

The attendant ponders a bit then says, "You should take them to the zoo."

"Hey, that's a good idea," says the man and drives away.

The next day the man with the car is back at the same gas station. The attendant sees the penguins are still in the back seat of the car.

"Hey, they're still here! I thought you were going to take them to the zoo."

"Oh, I did," says the driver, "And we had a swell time. Today I am taking them to the beach."

Tiny Baby Panda Photo

really cute tiny baby panda bear photo looked after by mother So thats what Panda Bears look like just after being born. How tiny and cute. Mom seems to be taking good care of the little guy.

Scary Angry Tabby Cat

funny amusing cat photo tabby looking really angry big mouth and eyes One ear up, one ear down, wide eyes, open mouth, teeth baring. Yep, that looks like one angry tabby cat. Or maybe just a little mad.

Really Funny Owl Photos

really funny owl picture two birds both standing on one foot one turning head to pose for photo I love Owls. And this is one of the best photos you will see of them. Both standing on one foot, with one twisting his head to look at the camera. Curious perhaps.

Really Tiny Cute Kitten Picture

really cute tiny pussy cat kitten gray and white photo What a gorgeous little cute gray and white pussy cat. And such big and descriptive eyes.

Cute Labrador & Little Chick

funny labrador pictures taking care of chicken chicks resting on leg So gorgeous - this Labrador is so gentle with the chicks that he is allowing it onto his leg. Can you imagine what a cat would do to these little chicks? You can trust a Lab.

In Love Kissing Fish

funny fish pictures white and orange fish kissing in love Nice to see that despite the color differences, this orange and white fish are in love, displaying their affection with a kiss.

Funny Bucket Wearing Boxer Dog

funny dog photos cute boxer dog wearng pink bucket on his head with child This cute boxer dog has probably had to endure playing with this little child. Maybe he is a child minder. And some good person has put a pink bucket on his head. He does look very regal. I cant work out if that child is crying or happy.

Scruffy Dog Likes his Martinis

funny animal pictures cute scruffy dog drinking a martiniMaybe its a james Bond dog. Shaken not stirred Mr Scruffy Dog? But wheres the olive?

Cute Pug in Yellow Hoodie Gangsta

funny cute photo of pug dressed in yellow hoodie looks like gangsta or boxer What is it with Pugs that their owners think they like to be dressed up all the time. This one gets himself a yellow hoodie and looks like a gangsta rapper. Or a boxer.

Funny Cute White Duck Picture

funny animals cute white duck photo Im sure there is a particular name for this kind of duck...comments pleas? He just has such a nice head of hair...well, feathers really, but it looks like hair.

Funny Dogs Superman Greyhound Pic

funny dog pictures greyhound dressed as superman faster than a speeding bullet Greyhounds are super fast - maybe even as fast as a speeding bullet. So why not dress your greyhound like Superman?

Funny New Dog Carry Bag Pic

funny animal photos dog carry bag Just another dog carry bag. Im not sure why. Couldnt you just put the little dog on a leash. He doesnt look so happy about being carried.

Young and Old White Seals

funny animla pictures young and old white seals kissing Close to a kiss from these white seals. I think its curiosity. Very intelligent animals.

Cute Koala Bear Sleeping

funny australian pictures cute koala bear sleeping photoFunny Australian Animals. Aww, another cute Koala Bear sleeping.

Funny Iguana Wizard Photo

funny iguana picture dressed up as a wizard with a bat brew I suppose that Iguanas and Bats must be enemies. This Iguana wizard has put together a bat brew.

Funny Falmingo Feeding Baby

funny animal photos pink flamingo feeding childI really like Flamingos, such graceful birds. Cute here to see a mother feeding its child.

Funny Animal Pictures Goats in a Barn

funny goat pictures leaning outside barn to have photo taken Three rabbits, now three goats. Cute little guys hey? Leaning out of the barn with their feet, or hooves in order to pose for the photo. Thanks fellas.

Funny Animal Pictures 3 Brown Rabbits

funny animal pictures 3 brown rabbits very still photo Three light brown rabbits, all in a row and all very still. New song perhaps, "Three brown rabbits, see how they run..." No, i dont think so.

Funny Cute Kittens Licking & Hugging

funny cute licking pussy cat photos Affectionate kittens. Just a little lick while you are sleeping for this tiny pussy cat.

Funny Cat Chasing Bunny Rabbit

funny animal pictures ginger cat chasing gray bunny rabbit photo Cats are fast, but i reckon a rabbit would be faster. Im sure the cat is only chasing this rabbit as part of a game. Id hate to think what a catmight do to a bunny of he caught it. Just a bit of fun.

Funny Picture Scratching Your Beaver

funny animal picture of beaver scratching What a great photo. A beaver Scratching. What more is there to say?!

Cute Animal Pictures Rhino & Child

funny rhino picture photo of cute young with mother See, even Rhino's can be affectionate to their young. They may look mean and prehistoric, but they have nurturing instincts too. This is cute.

Funny Animal Picture Frozen Squirrel

funny animal picture of frozen squirrel outside in snow storm Somebody should let this frozen squirrel in out of the snowstorm. Even too cold for animals.

Gorgeous Cute Polar Bear Photo

funny animal photos really cute pic of young baby polar bear and mother This is just really cute. A tiny little polar bear pawing at its mothers head. Or maybe trying to whisper something in its ear. How special is this photo?

Funny Cat Investigates Clothes Dryer

funny curious cat photo peering into clothes dryer maybe looking for lost socks I hope this cat doesnt actually want to go for a ride in the clothes dryer. Might be fun for a few seconds, but after that its all bad. No, i think he is just another curious cat. Maybe he is looking for all thsoe socks that seem to go missing...

Funny Animal Pictures Flying Leaping Cat

funny animal pictures flying leaping gray cat I wonder if this cat looked before he leaped? Why on earth is he flying?

Funny Animals Dog Riding Man Swimming

funny animal pictures dog riding mans back while swimming That dog has some balance, able to stay on board this mans back while swimming.

Funny Animals Spider Dog Photo

funny animal pictures dog dressed as a spider This dog dressed as a spider actually does look menacing. He is about to strike!

Funny Cute Smiling Wombat

funny australian animals wombat smiling Looks like you can tickle a wombat on its neck and you will get a smile. Thanks for the pose Mr Wombat.

Cute Blue Eyes Kitten Pawing Camera

funny animal photos really cute blue eyes kitten pawing at camera Maybe this white cute blue eyes kitten cat wasnt so happy to have its photo taken, pawing at the camera. But probably just curious. Gorgeous

Funny Cute Lab Dog and Chicks

funny animals cute labrador dog photo taking care of yellow chicks and one black and white chick odd one out How cute is this? A labrador taking care of some little chicks. Hey, look at the odd one out chick, a little black and white guy!

Funny Cat Loves The Deer Head

really funny cat photo resting on deer head mounted on wall classic pic I adore this photo. Its just a classic funny cat photo. Resting on top of a deer head mounted on the wall, but check out how the back legs of the cat are splayed over, as if he is the king of the castle - or queen. Its just a lazy day for this cat - and this is the best way to survey the domain.

Funny Cat Eating Dog Ear

funny cat and dog photo ginger biting dog friends ear Ginger the cat certainly likes the ear of its friend Daschund the puppy. Playful biting or for real? I think playing. I dont think a dog would allow an enemy cat to get this close.

Funny Cat Brushing Teeth Photo

funny cat photo brushing teeth or licking toothpaste So cats care about dental hygiene too? Obviously. This cat is brushing his teeth. Then again, maybe he just likes the taste of the toothpaste.

Funny Cat as Easter Bunny Pic

funny cat photo dressed up as easter bunny strange outfit and not happy Why would you dress a cat up as the easter bunny? Hard to think that the cat would do any work delivering the eggs. This cat doesnt look so happy as a bunny.

Funny Budgie Riding a Skateboard

funny bird photos budgie riding a mini skateboard on two wheels stunt rider Yep budgies are pretty smart birds. And they can be taught things. This one is riding a skateboard very well. Look, he even has it on two wheels. This budgie can do stunts too!

Funny Bears Climbing Ladder Photo

funny bear photos climbing ladder to nowhere in particularI dont know where this ladder is, nor where it leads. Maybe the funny Bears dont know either. But they have decided to climb it. Curious bears.

Funny Dressed Up Christmas Cat

funny animal photos cat dressed up in red outfit for christmas maybe elf What a sweet photo of a white cat dressed up for Christmas. Maybe on of Santa's Elf Cat Helpers. Cute.

Funny Cat Keeping Watch on Fish in Bathtub

funny animal photos cat watching big fish in bathtub Im not sure why there are fish in the bathtub. And big fish too. Whatever the reason, nice to see this tabby cat keeping a close eye on them. He knows that fish are good to eat. Its a cat's instinct. If he could get them, he would.